Live Project Training

We provide training in all these domains below:

Programming Languages:

• Computer programming languages.
• Applications and Program development.
• Artificial Intelligence development.
• Database development etc.

Web Technologies:

• Mark-up languages including HTML, CSS, XML, CGI and HTTP.
• Programming Languages and Technologies which help in creating applications for the web.
• Business applications customised for specific execution of tasks on a network.
• Databases, which are crucial for data and information storage on a computer network.


• Sharing of data and multiuser system.
• Control of data redundancy.
• Restriction of unauthorised access.
• Backup and recovery facilities.
Front- end development
• Front –end development process (sometimes called client-side development) is system-based, rather than the outmoded template-based approaches of the past.

Digital Marketing:

• SEO (On Page, Off Page).
• SMO (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,Youtube,Google+).
• PPC.
• Content Writing (Blog & Articles).
• Video Marketing.

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